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Beamish Orchard
Beamish Orchard

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Located in Warren Grove, just minutes from Charlottetown, PEI (Buy Local!) we have been selling apples since 1993 and we are in our fourth harvest of Certified Organic production. We are a small family run business; what we know about growing apples in PEI we have learned from experience and we are happy to share what we know with you.
Visit us during the fall harvest season to enjoy a great U-Pick farm experience or just drop by to pick up a bag of fresh PEI apples. We press our own apple cider; a real treat fresh from the press or put a bottle in your freezer to enjoy at your next family event.
Since 1993, we have offered farm experience tours for schools (kindergarten through grade twelve) and the general public. 
Except for Spartan, all of our apples are scab-free varieties and may not be familiar to you. Although unique, we get a lot of positive feedback from our customers on the tastes of our apples. We hope you will try for yourself!
From the beginning, our goal was to grow apples organically. One thing we did right was to plant mostly disease-free varieties of apples. One of the biggest problems facing apple growers especially in eastern North America is apple scab. The fungus creates a black scab on the fruit and leaves. Although the fruit is still completely edible, it is not very marketable. If a bag of apples with black scab marks were on the shelf at the super market, they would probably still be there!

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