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  • If your looking for Pre-cut or wanting to cut your own christmas tree with your family you are sure to find the perfect close to home place here.
  • For a list of farms that run on community support and deliver packages of fresh food to their clients throughout the local growing season.
  • Roadside Stand, Direct Farm or Garden Sales (Produce should be local).
  • Here you will find information on all the farmers markets you have close to you and those a little farther away, if you feel up for a drive.
  • Here you can find local producers of farm fresh meats.
  • Amazing honey from local apiaries that can supply you with all the honey you and your family can eat.
  • An outdoors adventure for you and your family/friends.
  • No better way to get ready for Halloween then to go out and pick your own pumpkins. Available from all over Canada, fresh from the garden.
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    Farms where you get to pick the fresh food you want.
  • These winery's and fruit orchards provide fresh fruit for the manufacture of those local delicious wines. Wine and spirits available from local producers, and generally at a better price than the stores.