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  • Alberta  (48)
    From the mountains to the rolling hills you can find fresh food everywhere in Alberta, Canada
  • The fruit capitol of Canada.
  • Manitoba  (14)
    A wonderful place with plenty of local farmers and more than enough local food for anyone.
  • This beautiful eastern province has pristine land with plenty of local food suppliers.
  • Nova Scotia  (22)
    Nova Scotia is the eastern most province in Canada. With the ocean on their doorstep there are plenty of fresh food producers enjoying themselves and their views.
  • Ontario  (135)
    Ontario is a large province with the majority of the Canadian population. That also means that it has the majority of local farmers as well.
  • This beautiful island has plenty of food to offer to it's local residents and visitors.
  • Saskatchewan  (14)
    Fruit filled flat lands of Canada, with many other fresh local foods as well.