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Crystal Beach Orchards
Crystal Beach Orchards

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Crystal Beach Orchards was started by a group of 12 families from the Harris area in 1992.  With this many people involved everything that was done had a lot of discussion and planning put into it and the end result was a very well designed and productive orchard.  With a couple of exceptions this group owned and operated the orchard until April 2008 when it was purchased by Tyler and Teneille of Sceptre, Sk.
Tyler grew up near Sceptre, Sk. on a grain farm where his mom and dad still farm.  Teneille grew up near Leader, Sk. until her mom and dad stopped farming and moved to Saskatoon to start a cider & lemonade business (Homestyle Beverages) when she was 11.  
With the purchase of Crystal Beach Orchard they have started working more closely with Teneille's mom and dad (Pearson's Berry Farm @ Bowden, AB) and opened a small store on the orchard where Homestyle's products are carried.  The store was a nice fit for the orchard and did well in it's first year.  Their first crop off the orchard also did very well, growing conditions were great setting a new record crop for the orchard.
Tyler and Teneille are now grain farming at home, operating the orchard and the store at Harris in the summer.
Typically open July 1st to the middle of July. Please check facebook for up to date hours of operation!

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