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Meadow Creek Farms
Meadow Creek Farms

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How We're Different
Our free range animals are processed individually to offer the utmost in quality and food safety. This means all your meat comes from one animal, rather than having hamburger that comes from 100 animals.

Our free range meat also has no artificial growth hormones and no artificial feed supplements. Hormones are standard practice in mainstream feedlots, and conventionally finished animals are given anti-bloat supplements so they can sustain being fed large amounts of grain. This is not natural for the animal's digestive system and internal organs. Our animals are raised on our Alberta farm until they experience a low-stress slaughter. Our processed meats are Gluten-free and contain no MSG.

Mandy Melnyk grew up on a farm near Waskatenau, Alberta and from an early age learned the value of hard work and the importance of family farms and local food.


For information please contact Mandy through phone or email. You can find a list of all meats that are offered through her website.

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