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The Berry Farm (at Christie's Corner)
The Berry Farm (at Christie's Corner)

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William (Jim) and Jackie (Jacqueline) Christie own a small farm, "The Berry Farm (at Christie's Corner)." The gates are open on Saturdays and Sundays Noon - 5pm. The farm is just outside of the City of Edmonton limits, Alberta, Canada. Products grown on the farm include: sea buckthorn, pumpkins, apples, apricots, plums, cherries, currants (3 kinds), saskatoons, honeyberries, strawberries and more. Flowers and hypertufa planters, as well as fruit snacks made entirely of fruit and honey are sold at the market.

Jackie has written a number of published children's poetry stories about the farm including Pumpkin Junction (Harvest Moon Luncheon), "MerrieCherriesTM Roly-Poly Race Day," “Tip-Toe The Spider: Halloween Hall,” Wanda Watermelon (Wacky Waterslide Wipeout)', "Rusty Rock-a-Roodle-Roo", and "Cindy Saskatoon-berry Get's Lost."


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